Simply fill out our online membership form and show up to one of our practices a little early.

  • $50 annual fee (Plus approx $40 for USMS Membership)
  • Pay-Per-Workout Option ($15 per session)
  • Unlimited Workout Pass - Monthly ($115 per month, recurring)
  • Unlimited Workout Pass - Quarterly ($210, prepaid) - on hold

Just Visiting?

LANES loves to welcome visitors. You are welcome to swim with us for as long as you're in the Boston area. Simply pay our drop-in fee each time and be sure to bring a copy of your area USMS membership card to the workout. However, due to current health and safety restrictions, we are limiting the number of swimmers in the pool, swimmers must be registered in advance so please contact the team in advance.

Try a Practice for Free

If you would like to try swimming with us, please complete the following online trial form. Your first practice is free!

For all LANES-mates and visitors... 

In order to ensure a welcoming, fun, competitive, healthy and safe environment, the LANES Board has developed a general Code of Conduct that swimmers should follow. Click here for more information.