In 2020, the LANES Board created the "Spirit of Casey" Award. We did so to honor a dear friend and former teammate, David Casey, who we lost in 2019. Quite simply, Casey was one of those people who we all just loved to be around. He was funny. He was thoughtful. He could engage anyone (and everyone) in a conversation in that Boston accent of his - while talking with his hands. He showed up to every team social event and meet (even if not swimming) and made sure he could help out and that everyone was having a good time. He had the ability to make people feel welcomed and part of something. Casey's spirit lives on. And, accordingly, each year, LANES is going to honor his memory at our annual banquet with the presentation of this award.

2020 Recipient: 
Heather Barna

The inaugural Spirit of Casey Award was presented to Heather Barna. Since joining the LANES family, Heather has been an incredible addition. In her role as a coach, Heather is thoughtful with her workouts and encouraging. In her role as Head Coach, Heather put in time and effort to coordinating the schedules, the workout themes, meet relays, and so much more. She also challenges us and we need it. But what is really so special about Heather is that she has this wonderful smile, calming presence and she's always there for this team. 

2022 Recipient: 
Tim Rindfleisch

In 2022, we were very excited to bring back our Spirit of Casey Award and to present it to a newer member of LANES, Tim Rindfleisch. Tim joined the team in the summer of 2020 and despite it being "COVID times", quickly became a regular at practice and even more so - a wonderfully positive presence in and around the pool. Much like Casey, Tim is outgoing, inclusive, and engaging. He's proven to be a very dedicated swimmer and encourages his lane and teammates during practice. He is most deserving of this award and LANES is very lucky to have him on the team.