Brian Moynihan
Public relations guru, confectioner extraordinaire

Nicknamed "Bubbles" for a constant 6-beat kick, Brian has been with LANES since late 2005. He's been on the Board since 2013 and took over as President in 2017 - following in the glittery heels of Alan White. Growing up around water, he (like most of us) started swimming early, joined some club swim teams, and became a lifeguard & swim instructor. Joining LANES was to get back into the pool post-college and meet some great people (which he did!). As the sub-heads say, he stays busy during the day working in corporate communications and (with a wicked sweet tooth) loves to bake!

Brian can be reached at 

David O'Brien
Gloria Vanderbilt's more handsome son

Often mistaken for a more handsome version of Anderson Cooper, David is one of the original members of LANES and a tremendous asset to the team. He has been with the team since 1992 (yes, more than 20 years!). In addition to being an avid swimmer, David is a devoted golfer (mostly because of the clothes), a car aficionado (mostly because of the cars) and crazed snowboarder (mostly because Anderson boards). His twerking career is still a work in progress.


Heather Barna
Head Coach
Mermaid in shining armor

Heather's smile, warmth, fun-loving attitude mixed with her Can Do/You Will Do coaching style make her a perfect fit for the team and leadership ranks. Since joining LANES in Spring 2013, Heather has made a (great!) lasting impact in the practice pool, during meets and from the coaching deck.Heather's first memories of swimming date back to swimming in a pond in North Carolina, then to the pool in her apartment complex when her family lived in Iran (yes, really!) and more concretely, to the swim instructor she had back in Indiana who ultimately encouraged her to join a swim team. When not coaching LANES or working as an operations manager for an online virtual tour company, Heather loves cooking and has taken up a strong interest in photography. Above all though, Heather enjoys dog time with Buzzard, cat time with Commando and human time with Ethan. If you have any doubt about how lucky we are to have Heather part of this crazy wonderful LANES family, here's her thoughts on swimming: "I'm a huge fan and believer in Masters swimming.I ended up taking their Coaching Certification Class last spring - they really foster the idea of it being a group for everyone- It doesn't matter if you are a lap swimmer looking for more, a former Div 1 college swimmer, a person looking for a social outlet, encouragement for a fitness program, a triathlete...Masters Swimming is there for every person."

William Lawson
Patriots' #1 Fan (well, just of the hot & good ones)

Joining LANES in June 2014, Will looked at the team as a way to make swimming more interesting and challenging than swimming alone at the gym, and for a way to meet new people after recently moving to Boston. Having grown up around pools, Will didn't join his first team until age 11. Will quickly found backstroke to be his preferred stroke - and the one he excelled at. When not in the pool, Will is the Administrative Officer of the Math Department at one of Boston's leading universities, MIT. He enjoys spending time with his husband, traveling, watching sports (a huge PATS fan) and enjoying cocktails and good food. Will's closing thoughts on LANES are: "To anyone thinking about joining the team - just do it! You won't be disappointed, no matter what your reasons for joining."


James (Jim) Seligman
Jimmy's a fierce competitor and our Nana

In 2002, Jim found himself recently out of a long-term relationship and turned to the team as a great way to meet new people and get back into swimming more regularly. No stranger to the pool, Jim grew up swimming as a kid but didn't tackle competitive swim until high school. If you ask him his favorite stroke? The answer is great - and honest. "I love butterfly though it is exhausting." To unwind after a hard swim practice or his day job owning his own dental practice in the South End, Jim loves to garden, cook, travel, and spend time with his husband and family. Jim's closing comments about LANES speak for themselves - "I will always appreciate the friendships I have made through the team. I feel very lucky that I joined the team way back when."

Paige Warren-Shriner
Going the distance, in the pool and kitchen!  

Swimming seems to run in Paige's family. Though Paige admits to not truly getting into swimming until college when training for a sprint triathlon. Paige found LANES post-college when her sister (a DCAC swimmer - Hi!) had signed up for Tea Party 6 (TP6) and convinced Paige to also register. To train for the meet, she joined LANES and stuck with us - thanks Sis! Paige has even recruited another sister - her identical twin - to swim with us from time to time. Now a regular at practices, Paige favors our freestyle themed sets - especially if it involves serious distance. Paige is among a group of LANES-mates who encourage distance sets and partipcate in distance swims such as the Swim for Life in Provincetown, the St. Croix swim in November and also tackling the hour-swim and 100 100s. When not in the pool, Paige is working for Wayfair (they've got what we need). Outside work, she's an active runner and a member of a local track team. She's also a fantastic cook and baker. Paige notes, "I love to cook, especially sourdough bread! My sisters and I try to find a cooking class when we travel - we made tagine in Morocco and curry in India."


Allan Robinson
Quiet, but Sassy! 

Allan grew up on and around the water - learning to swim around age 6 or 7.  He considers himself "new" to swimming since it wasn't until 2012 that Allan got into swimming for fitness and to participate in triathlons. With 10 marathons under his belt at the time, Allan joined LANES in January 2013 to take his swimming to the next level and to be part of a larger team and community. In the water, freestyle is up there as Allan's favorite stroke noting that breaststroke is a very close second. He pushes himself hard on butterfly during IM and stroke-focused practices. He also enjoys open water swimming during our short season. When not in the pool, Allan enjoys spending time with his husband Ashley, who he met skiing at Whistler in 1998. Having worked in landscape design for the past 10 years, Allan has decided to take it a step further and pursue a Master's in Landscape Architecture at Boston Architectural College. Allan puts his knowledge to the test regularly as he and Ashley have done extensive renovation work on their homes - Dorchester and Ptown - including jacking up the house to replace a rotted sill.